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SoundVisionary is a website that is promoting Himachali culture and its artists since 2015. The only motive is to digitalize the content produced by the artists and promote them at a large level.


SoundVisionary was introduced on 20 July, 2015, regardless of the previous versions of the website made by the founder Mr. Swapnil Naughta which consisted of some names like “Paharia” and “NatiLovers”. Natilovers was dedicated to Himachal Folk Music but this was the same time in Himachal when some Hindi and English musicians were taking their first step in the Industry. Our friend Mr. Ronit Vinta, who released his first video song “Mahiya”, in the year 2014 was available on Natilovers and it became a great hit. It was something new for the Himachal Hindi Music Industry. During the preparation of Ronit’s second single “Itna Na Karo Hume Pyar” he suggested Swapnil to rename the website. Next day Swapnil came up with a name “SoundVision” and had a discussion with Ronit about the name. The uniqueness made them agree for the name but unfortunately it couldn’t get registered due to some reasons so at last to make the work done “SoundVision” got changed to “SoundVisionary “Sound” meaning vibrations and “Visionary” meaning planning the future with wisdom.

The site was launched on 20 July, 2015 with an exclusive release of “Itna Na Karo Hume Pyar”, the second single of Ronit Vinta. The song was downloaded by more than 25,000 people within a week, breaking previous records. With the new name, SoundVisionary wasn’t only focusing on Himachal Folk Artists but also to introduce all the new comers in Hindi and English from all across Himachal. The reach of the website rose every day and covered every renowned and new artist.

In Mid of 2018, the black day, due to technical catastrophe and bad server, we had to shut down the website.As we all know, even after the darkest nights the sun shines and rise again. In the early 2019, Swapnil and the members associated with the website, planned to make SoundVisionary online and. Mr. Manjeet Singh Pun (Aemeskay Web Servies), the designer of the website(SoundVisionary) planned various methods to rebuild and redevelop. A professional work was outlaid and SoundVisionary’s own database was purchased. Within a month the site was ready. As there were lots of new content and new artists who were ready to showcase their talent, Swapnil had the idea of re-launching the website on a macro level with the Administrative Dignitaries.

Swapnil planned a re-launch event of the website at Gaitey Theatre on the same date it was built 4 years ago i.e. 20 July. Honourable Education Minister Shri Suresh Bhardwaj inaugurated the upgraded version of the website at the event organised by Team SoundVisionary “prarambh2019”.

With the support and love of Friends and Family, “prarambh2019” was a success. All the connected artists of SoundVisionary were invited and “prarambh2019” was more like a gathering and festival of Himachal Art. Mesmerising performances of popular artists like Atul Rajta, AC Bhardwaj, Sahar Band and many other artists were cherished.

SoundVisionary has now more than 70 artists connected and more than 500 songs on the website. We have also started distribution of songs on major platforms like Savan, Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, Apple Music, etc, absolutely free. Our motive of globalising Himachal Music and providing a platform to our artists seems to be accomplishing and growing day by day.

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