Folk Artist

About Laman

Laman, the beloved music band from Himachal Pradesh, finds its roots in the enchanting folk song "Laaman." Comprising the dynamic duo, Abhishek Bisht and Shishir Chauhan, Laman seamlessly blends traditional melodies with modern sounds, aiming to revive forgotten tunes and connect them with today's audience. With a nod to the romantic "Laaman" from the Kullu Valley, Laman believes in the timeless power of folk melodies to evoke love and compassion. As the band ventures beyond Himachal, they emerge as ambassadors of soulful tunes, ready to captivate audiences across North India.

  • Harmonizing Himachal's Heritage: The Birth of Laman

    • Laman's origin story and the significance of the folk song "Laaman."
    • Meet the musical minds behind the magic: Abhishek Bisht and Shishir Chauhan.
  • Melodic Fusion: Laman's Unique Blend of Tradition and Modernity

    • The band's mission to bring back forgotten folk melodies with a contemporary twist.
    • How Laman skillfully combines traditional tunes with modern sounds and instruments.
  • From Kullu to the World: The Romantic Tale of "Laaman"

    • Tracing the roots of the romantic folk song "Laaman" from the scenic Kullu Valley.
    • The journey of "Laaman" becoming an integral part of Himachal Pradesh's diverse cultural tapestry.
  • Laman's Musical Philosophy: Love and Compassion Through Folk Melodies

    • Unpacking the band's belief in the transformative power of folk melodies.
    • Understanding why Laman sees folk tunes as a force to keep people connected to love and compassion.
  • North India's Musical Horizon: Laman's Journey Beyond Himachal

    • Laman's aspirations to captivate audiences across North India.
    • The band's pivotal role as ambassadors of Himachal's soulful tunes in the broader music industry.
  • Reviving Timeless Beauty: Laman's Contribution to Folk Music Appreciation

    • The band's commitment to making timeless melodies relatable to today's audience.
    • How Laman aims to foster a renewed appreciation for the beauty of folk music.

Dive into the vibrant world of Laman, where tradition and innovation harmonize in a melody-filled journey!