Kinni Vaari - Anurag Vashisht

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Song:Kinni Vaari
Artist:Anurag Vashisht , ft. Srijan Chanta
Music :Ankush Sharma
Producer :Jeevana

About Kinni Vaari

Kinni Vaari is a Hindi Indie Pop Single song by Anurag Vashisht released 2023-10-25 Music is composed by Ankush Sharma and produced by Jeevana

More about song Kinni Vaari

Kinni Vaari is a song about the warm deep state apology. Anurag reflects on the cherished moments shared, the laughter, and the tenderness. The song becomes a tapestry woven with memories, promises, and dreams of a future together, creating a sense of nostalgia that's as sweet as it is poignant with a deep apology.
The apology, earnest and profound, is woven into the song's soul, a testament to the desire to make amends, to heal the wounds, and to rebuild the trust that may have faltered.
Kinni Vaari is just an apology but a promise to be better, to cherish the love they share, and to move forward with renewed commitment and understanding. The song ends on a note of hope, leaving you with the sense that love can indeed conquer all.
Song Credits: 
Singer-Songwriter-Composer: Anurag Vashisht
Music Producer: Jeevana
Guitars: Ameen Singh
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Nabeel Zubair
Recordist: Ankush Sharma
Studio: The Audio Guys (Tag Studio)

Concept & Direction: Anurag Vashisht
Cast: Anurag Vashisht and Srijan Chanta
DOP: Shantanu Bhai (Oye Bhoi)
DOP 2: Kuldeep Gautam
Editing and Colouring: Bhoi Films
Source :  Youtube Video